Montford Workshop is a custom woodworking and cabinetmaking business located in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. We are passionate about craft as well as design and we LOVE getting to produce unique pieces. We value high-level communication and are happy to work either directly with clients or within the context of a designer-driven project.

Our principals are Sarah Goldstein and Claes Batley.



Sarah began making objects as a small child and hasn’t stopped since. She has a BA in Visual Art from Brown University and in 2012 completed the Boatbuilding and Restoration Program at the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport, RI. At Montford Workshop she is in charge of communications and project management - but likes to get out in the shop and build things whenever she gets the chance.


claes batley

Claes has woodworked his way up and down the east coast - from Florida to North Carolina to coastal Maine. He spent his twenties building traditional wooden boats, before moving to NYC to begin his cabinetmaking adventure. But his real training began long before that, working alongside his parents to build his childhood home. Here at Montford Workshop, Claes is in charge of fabrication and installation.